Q. What is chiropractic?

A: Chiropractors are health care professionals who diagnose and treat patients with nervous, muscular, and skeletal diseases. Chiropractors diagnose health problems by thoroughly examining patient history, performing a physical exam, and interpreting the patient‘s X-rays. Chiropractic care includes spinal care, exercise programs, nutrition, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Chiropractors could play a key role in the prevention and maintenance of a balanced and healthy body, which in turn would help produce a positive state of wellbeing.   

Common Conditions Treated 

Auto Injuries/Work Injuries/Sports Injuries Neck pain, Upper/Mid back pain, Low back pain Shoulder pain, Rotator cuff syndrome Tendonitis, Tennis elbow/Golfer’s elbow Arthritic pain Disc-related injuries Sprain/Strain Headaches Sciatic pain Scoliosis  

Q. Do insurance plans cover chiropractic care and massage therapy?

A: Yes. Chiropractic care and massage therapy are included in most health insurance plans. We accept most insurance. If you are unsure about your insurance benefit, we will verify insurance benefits at the time of your appointment or before your appointment. Please call us, or bring in your health insurance card and we will be glad to assist you with the process.    

Q. What if I don't have insurance?

A: We are a provider of ChiroHealthUSA network to offer discounts to people with little to no insurance coverage. When you join ChiroHealthUSA you will be a member and will be eligible to receive discount fees. ChiroHealthUSA program provides discounts on many of chiropractic expenses. For more information, please call us or visit www.chirohealthusa.com  

Auto accident

Q. What is C.R.M.A?

OREGON CS Chiropractic will provide most specific and accurate care recommendations by thoroughly examining patient history, performing a physical exam, and interpreting the patient‘s X-rays. For whiplash injuries, spinal ligament injuries, doctor will use Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis: Objectively and accurately determines the severity and location of spinal ligament injuries from auto accident that otherwise may go undiagnosed.  For more information, please call us or visit http://thespinalkinetics.com/  

Q. Does my auto insurance cover medical bill after an accident?

In the State of Oregon, personal injury protection insurance is medical and wage loss insurance that is required for every Oregon non-commercial auto policy. From the Oregon Insurance Division website: PIP is Oregon’s version of no-fault insurance. It allows you and your passengers, regardless of who caused an accident, to have insurance coverage for ‘reasonable and necessary’ medical, dental, hospital, surgical, ambulance, and prosthetic services incurred within two years after the date of an injury.